Honduras, Finca La Joya
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Honduras, Finca La Joya

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Honduras, Finca La Joya

Farmer: Miguel Alfonzo Lopez

Region: Guajiquiro, Montecillos, La Paz

Process: Natural

Varietals: Catuai

Flavour Notes: Wine Acidity, Blackberry, Jam, Mild Citrus, Baking Spice

Honduras, Finca La Joya is a gorgeous natural process coffee that comes to us from Miguel Alfonzo Lopez, and is farm Finca La Joya in the Guajiquiro region of La Paz.⁠ ⁠

This coffee is a total fruit-bomb! When brewed this coffee has a very nice wine like acidity with some mild citrus notes. The remarkable thing about this coffee is how strong the blackberry and jam notes are- Wow! The cup finishes very cleanly with some subtle baking spice flavours and will leave you wanting more. Juicy, Fruity, and completely crushable.⁠