Our commitment to our spaces

We want to create experiences that are special for all people. That means we work to create environments that are accepting and respectful of every person who enters. We Support all people so come as you are. Please show respect to our staff, our guests and all those who come to Receiver Coffee Co.

Our Story

Since opening in June of 2014, it has been our goal to provide Charlottetown with transparently sourced coffee that is roasted to highlight natural characteristics in each coffee. We quickly recognized that great tasting coffee wasn’t enough; there are huge issues with sustainability in the specialty coffee industry. We made it our goal to work towards developing lasting relationships with coffee professionals and producers who share the common purpose of finding respectful solutions for sustainable industry standards and consistent quality.

We believe that accessibility and education in a welcoming setting is the best way to encourage people  to start thinking about the issues faced by the specialty coffee industry. We believe coffee brings people together and that everyone can make an impactful contribution to the coffee industry. Through this greater sense of unity, we believe we can make a positive change.

We believe that we could apply these same values of quality, sustainability, and fun to the way we approach food as well. We use as many local ingredients as we can whenever we can. Our menus offer creative spins on breakfast and brunch staples without overcomplicating things! 

Our bakery demonstrates the same values as our kitchens and roastery. Our organic rustic bread has been a staple of our business since 2016. We use organic Canadian flours and as many Island grown ingredients as we can get our hands on. Along with our breads we pride ourselves on having some of Prince Edward Island’s best pastries. Our products are baked fresh daily from scratch by people who love baking.

We believe that Receiver Coffee Company is a part of something bigger growing in the world: a push for businesses to be socially progressive and grow with integrity. We continue to commit to our mission and vision to care for our customers, staff members, suppliers and everyone we interact with.