Rebel Chocolate Liquid Cocoa 340g
Rebel Chocolate Liquid Cocoa 340g
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Rebel Chocolate Liquid Cocoa 340g

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Welcome to the new standard in hot chocolates. Made right here in Canada, Rebel Chocolate's chocolate sauce will produce a deep and rich hot chocolate all while containing 25% less sugar than commercial sauces or syrup currently on the market. Their Liquid Cocoa is made up of Trinitario beans from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. Rebel chocolate sauce contains very few ingredients, is all-natural and for the most part organic.


  • Organic and direct trade cocoa
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Single-origin craft-made chocolate
  • Water
  • A tiny bit of guar gum for texture

We use this product in all of our cafes and we believe it will be a welcomed addition to your home barista station. Liquid Cocoa is perfect for hot or cold drinks and pairs wonderfully with coffee!