Guatemala, Paulino Ramirez
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Guatemala, Paulino Ramirez

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Farmer: Paulino Ramirez

Farm: Finca La Indonesia

Region: Rio Ocho, Huehuetenango.

Processing: Washed

Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon

Flavour Notes: Dark chocolate, sweet mandarin, baking spices, black tea

This coffee comes from Paulino and Delfino Ramirez, from their farm in the township of Tuipocomal, near the shores of the Río Ocho in the Todos Santos Cuchumatán municipality in the department of Huehuetenango. Paulino is a long-term member of the ASODIETT cooperative, though he migrated many years ago to the United States to find work and live with his brothers, and he sends money back to his children at home. Paulino’s son Delfino has taken over the management of the farm, and Delfino recently became a member of the ASODIETT cooperative as well. Though he is a new member, he’s quite active, and he was recently elected to be president of the cooperative. 

The group has designated two members (Fernando Santos and Vicente Calmo) who are in charge of their bio-lab; they make a fermented foliar from the pulp of the leaves of a local plant called Horsetail, steeped in water. Mixed with decomposed coffee pulp, manure, and the leaf litter of native leguminous trees, producers use this product as a fertilizer, and as a way to return microorganisms and nutrients to the soil to keep trees resilient and healthy. The group also collectively purchases organic fertilizers and distributes it to members in accordance with the amount of parchment coffee that each producer sells to the cooperative. Paulino and Delfino use both the organic fertilizer that the cooperative distributes to them, and they purchase some fertilizer as well.