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Want your coffee ground? Let us know in the notes section after you select your shipping method!
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Colombia, Willington Ultengo
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Colombia, Willington Ultengo

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Colombia, Willington Ultego

Farmer: Willington Ultengo, Los Naranjos

Region: La Argentina, Huila

Processing: Washed.

Varietals: Caturra

Flavour Notes: Honey, dark chocolate, stone fruit, smooth.

Willington is the leader and founder of ASPROCAAR, a small association of productions in the municipality of La Argentina, made up of 13 group members. The group works together to market their coffee directly to an exporting buyer, and are encouraged having seen their friend and leader Willington sell differentiated coffee at a premium. The group is making great steps to transition towards fully organic agricultural practices. The group also runs an organic lab and engages in peer-to-peer training.

 La Argentina, in Huila, is a zone with high rainfall and soils rich in organic matter. Producers there have traditionally retained old varieties, and this western part of Huila has historically been overlooked by private exporters. The group has been continuously pursuing quality, sustainable farm management and community development- knowing that a strong association will benefit members, and allow them to connect with a healthy, diversified group of buyers. 

Willington has high aspirations, his farm is exceptionally healthy, with 80 year old typica, bourbon (including pink, orange and yellow), and caturra varietals planted by his grandfather. Willington, his wife and daughter live on the farm with his parents. He has a beautiful big dryer with separated beds for differentiated lots, and with his 7 hectare farm Los Naranjos, he has potential for great volume. Willington is experimenting with processing, and first leaves his coffee cherries to ferment under controlled conditions for 24 hours (in sealed bags, a low-oxygen environment), before de-pulping them and leaving them to ferment for another 24 hours in an open tank before drying in that beautiful dryer under shade cloth.