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Want your coffee ground? Let us know in the notes section after you select your shipping method!
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Colombia, Amigos Del Huila
Colombia, Amigos Del Huila
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Colombia, Amigos Del Huila

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Colombia, Amigos Del Huila

Farmer: Edlima Quinayas, Miller Quniayas, Kuis Octavio Titimbo, Ana Nelly Luna

Region: San Agustin &  Bruselas, Huila.

Processing: Washed

Varietals: Caturra 

Flavour Notes: Yellow Raisin, Creamy, Chocolate, Rich.

Amigos Del Huila is a sub-regional blend from Huila, Colombia. An initiative started by our sourcing partners Shared Source, was started to provide economic security to producer partners and to find a way to purchase a larger, broader range of their coffees.

This iteration of our Amigos del Huila blend comes from the micro-regions of San Agustin and Bruselas. The producers who contribute to this lot are all long-term suppliers of Shared Source and have all become close friends. Shard Source have given micro- financing to each producer individually on several occasions over the years, donated equipment, and we have been supporting their ongoing efforts to convert to organic agriculture. In this iteration, four producers contributed lots to this coffee:

Edilma Quinayas, caturra (2 lots!) - San Agustín

Miller Quinayas, caturra (2 lots!)- San Agustín

Luis Octavio Titimbo, caturra- Bruselas

Ana Nelly Luna, caturra- Bruselas

Each producer has a slightly unique way of processing cherries, but all are diligent in making sure that only ripe cherries are picked. Most leave the cherries in a carefully sealed bag (often finding a new use for Grain Pro) in a cool, shaded area (often in the ceramic fermentation tanks) for 12-24 hours to begin the fermentation process in the cherries. From there, coffee is de-pulped and left to ferment without water (Ana Nelly and Luis both leave the coffee for a low-oxygen, anaerobic-style fermentation in pickle barrels; Edilma and Miller ferment in open fermentation tanks). Drying is low and slow in covered and ventilated dryers- for anywhere between 2-3 weeks.